Basket of asters

Basket of asters

Instead of baskets took the lid from the cake, cut out the foam shape and inserted into the cover. Sewed on the basket fabric case (respectively the rectangle to the side and a circle for the bottom). The top edge has issued a frill.

The handle for the basket I made from strong wire, which is wrapped a strip of cloth cut on the bias from the same fabric as the basket case.

If you have other ways of making a basket — go for it.

Folding the flowers we will need candy directly in the form of truffles and skewers.

Fasten candy skewers, using thread or tape — as you prefer.

Then I cut a strip of corrugated paper size 25 x 7 cm

Then folded the strip four times, to make it easier and made the cuts teeth, imitating a flower Aster

Then using scissors I rounded out the ends to give them a natural curve.

Then I fingers stretched strip of paper below the teeth to give a rounded shape.

Now this strip I wrapped the candy in such a way that the upper teeth are bent inwards and picking up the bottom thread.

Thus wound two more strips. Practice has shown me that if you do not three different strips, as one whole, then it would be awkward to shape the flower and it looks not very nice. Thus winding two strips I got this Bud.

Then I made three more such stripes, but wrapped the Bud so that the tips were curled outwards.

The next step I did sepal, cutting out as follows.

Then use the scissors have rounded ends

And wrapped the Bud

For winding stalk skewers I used a strip of corrugated paper for lack of tape tape.

Having made the required number of colors for the composition, I postavlyala in foam, pre-zastelil his Christmas green tinsel, which mimicked the grass. Tinsel to the foam I fastened with a metal clip broken in half. Thus the bracket that hold the tinsel.

Then begin to do decorations to your taste.

On the top photo you can see small white flowers resembling daisies. I will share a simple method of their production.

Cut table cloth
Do the teeth
Spooled on a toothpick and fix the thread. Toothpick in this case is not issued under the stalk, as insert them in the foam to the flower.


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