«Autumn»: background of autumn leaves

«Autumn»: background of autumn leaves

background of autumn leaves

You will need:

— The leaves of different colors (35 in this example leaves)

— PVA glue

— A4 sheet of cardboard

— scissors

— Simple pencil

— line

— Adhesive tape (if necessary)

— A4 size sheet of paper

— thick book.

1. From each leaf stalk cut. All the leaves fold in half at an average vein so that the reverse side of each sheet was inside.

2. Place the leaves between the pages of a thick book. Leave overnight to get straight leaves.

3. Take a piece of paper and draw a leaf on it any shape. Cut the sheet to obtain a stencil. In this example, I use a stencil of an oak leaf — its dimensions are 7.5 x 17 cm.

4. Get your leaves of thick books and neatly place them in color. In this example, all the leaves were laid out from green to red.

5. Take a piece of cardboard and put it on the table. Depart from the left edge of 1 cm, attach your stencil and draw around it. Cut a piece on the board. After the cut pieces back off again at 1 cm and cut. You will have a rectangle in the center of which cut sheet.

background of autumn leaves 1

6. The remaining sheet of cardboard fold in half — you will cover a part of the future cards.

7. Place the cut-out rectangle on the cover sheet and circle drawing sheet.

8. Use the ruler and pencil to draw on the resulting figure sheet vertical bar right in the center, and from it draw veins. The distance between the veins of about 1 cm.

9. Take one sheet (folded in half), measure from his crease of 1.5 cm and a pair of scissors cut the strip. The remaining crop does not need to throw away.

10. Repeat the same with the other sheets. Each cut strip cut one end at a right angle.

11. The resulting strip is necessary in a particular order to glue a painted sheet in accordance with the incised lines. To this end, each strip should be cut so that it roughly follows the contours of his place on the painted sheet. Thereafter, the strip can be stuck.

12. Continue to glue strips of colored sheets to the drawing. It is advisable to move seamlessly from darker to lighter sheet or vice versa.

13. It is possible to glue the sheets of film scraps and cut off one edge. The strip can be glued to the edge of the cards.

14. Take a rectangle with cut sheet, spread it with white glue and glue the strips on top of the leaves. You get a nice, neat and colorful leaves.

background of autumn leaves 2

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