Amazing idea Autumn crafts

Amazing idea Autumn crafts

Mushroom with their hands

Materials and tools
• Yarn brown
• Stationery Stapler
• Yarn cream (white) color
• Brown cardboard 8×8 cm
• Scissors
• Colored pencils or markers
• Strong thin thread
• needle

Production of mushrooms
1. Wrap one half patterns (diameter 8 cm outer circle, an inner circle diameter of 2 cm) brown yarn, and the other polovinu- cream (white) yarn.

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2. Ready pompons shake and separate the cream from the brown yarn.
3. Add the cream (white) bunch of yarn and pull it at the bottom of the same color thread. You now have a foot fungus.
4. Put on the brown cardboard pattern of support for the cap and cut.

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5. Draw the details of veins and make a slot as shown in the pattern (8cm diameter of the outer circle, inner 2 cm). Then cut along the edge of the small details of cloves.
6. Put the finished item on the leg under the bonnet.
7. Use a stapler secure the slot bracket details. Mushroom cap can be a little «cut», giving it the desired shape.

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Mushrooms can do a lot, and all different! Some have a thicker stem, others have more cap or lighter or darker, and so on. D. Use a thread of different colors and patterns of different diameters. From the size of the patterns will depend on the size of the mushroom cap!


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Hedgehog. Crafts with their hands

Materials and tools
• wool blend yarn (preferably not a «curly», and smooth) gray. From it you will make the front of your hedgehog
• Yarn type «grass» (or any other) brown
• Three black beads
• Scissors
• Strong thin thread
• Needle (which passes freely through the hole of beads).
Making hedgehog
1. Yarn gray on one half wrap patterns (diameter of the outer circle of 10 cm, 2 cm internal). Brown thread type «grass» to wind in the second half

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2. Secure the pompom as usual and then shake it. Separate your fingers gray from the brown yarn. Brown yarn — a hedgehog needles.
3. To make the hedgehog muzzle, add half a bunch of gray thread and tie them (towards the end) and thread the same color. The result was a cute little face. Press down lightly her to have a hedgehog «puffed cheeks.»
4. Using a needle and thread sew eyes at a distance of 1 cm from each other. To eyes have not failed between threads, you can sew them together with a small cardboard circles.
5. Sew the snout to the tip of the bead-tip.
6. Under the muzzle must be in the foot. To do this, add a bunch of multiple threads on the right and left faces, tie them closer to the end of the thread of the same color.
7. The remaining gray thread — is the lower part of the hedgehog. It can also tie a bunch, but not close to the edge, and poseredinke (at the waist).

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